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To reason is crap. There, I said it. To reason is shit. Fuck, I like it. Today’s article is going to be provocative and, assuming I overcome the deepest indifference, I prevent strong criticism. But I have to say it: reasoning-is-shit.

You will surely tell me that reasoning is what distinguishes human beings from other animals; and it probably is, although a scientist would probably have some subtleties to provide. But hey, not important now. …

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Have you ever seen those developers coding so fast you can’t even understand how this is possible? Chances are they are doing most of the following things.

We all should do.

But we use to avoid the time needed to make this happens because we are afraid of losing time. And doing so we are actually… losing more time.

1. Configure your IDE as much as you can

Are you aware of how much time you save when you have your shortcuts in place and you excel at managing your IDE?

But it’s not only about time. It’s also about comfortability. Developing software is a very mental consuming task…

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Having a proper infrastructure is one of the most important things a development team needs to develop peacefully.

And I mean not only a powerful and secure one but a comfortable one.

Finding this balance between performance, security, and comfortability is not that easy.

I want to tell you what I have learnt while I was creating an infrastructure from scratch for Elma.

The development workflow

Many people in charge of infrastructure think only in terms of the production environment.

They think mainly about how the infrastructure will perform in terms of final user usage.

Don’t misunderstand me, I really think this is…

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There are some good reasons to install Windows 10 in GPT (GUID Partition Table) instead of MBR.

MBR has a couple of limitations -max 2TB disk size and a max of 4 primary partitions- but also can be messy in case you want to have more than one operating system in the same disk.

Changing your disk to GPT mode from Windows setup

If you have the disk in MBR -which happens most of the times- you need to do some steps to change it to GPT.

  1. Start the installation process as always
  2. Select advanced install
  3. When you are on the disk partitioning screen, press SHIFT+F10
  4. On the terminal…

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It’s been twenty years since I was twelve and I started to learn to develop software.

During this time, I’ve been developing a passionate love for computing and, more precisely, for development.

And all of this time I’ve been growing as a professional.

Today I am CTO at Elma, and I would like to share my story with you.

This is your new computer

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First things first, what is Lean Startup? Is a product development methodology proposed in 2008 by Eric Ries where the focus is to check whether the product is what the customers want or not as soon as possible.

It encourages short development phases where the objective is to create an MVP -Minimum Viable Product- that can be tested against real customers earlier than in traditional methodologies. By “minimum viable product” Lean Startup means a product with the minimum features a customer needs to find it useful. And no more.

It’s important to note that MVP is valid as a concept…

Janis, one of my cats. Photo from pianotriste

I have to confess I’ve just feared cats all my life.

When I was a child I couldn’t approach even the most adorable kitty in the room.

But life is strange and now, when I am 32 years old, I own two beautiful cats.

And I have learnt to appreciate them. Maybe, I have learnt something from them.

I think we all can get some lessons about product development from cats.

Calculate your movements before actually move

Cats don’t move very much, to be honest. They sleep for hours and when they move it’s mainly to eat. But, sometimes, they play.

As I have two cats…

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Habits are basics in human behavior. Most of what we do every day has to be with them.

When we clean our tooth in the morning, when we get dressed, when we drive. All of this are habits, automatic behaviors we do without actually thinking.

What is a habit?

A habit is a routine formed by three elements: a trigger, an action and a reward.

Actually, is very easy. One day you react to a certain signal, do an action and something positive happens; then, you repeat it another day. And another. At the end, your brain learn to do this action when the…

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We all have meetings all the time. More than we’d like.

Usually, most of them end to be completely useless. But still, we do.

And we are destroying our productivity.


The only one good reason to make a meeting

Yes, I am sure, only one.


This is the only valid reason to move out people from their actual work to meet in a room for some time -which it’s always a lot of time.

Sadly, there are other common reasons that are NOT valid ones:

  • Boredom
  • To spread responsibility of decision making
  • To provide a false feeling of democracy
  • To feel important

So, if making decisions is the only valid reason, how can I do it well?

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Email can be an exhausting tool when you have many stakeholders depending on you. If you also have notifications from tools, newsletters and spam, things get worst.

Should you just remove email from your life? Hopefully, but you can’t. And you know it.

So what?

Email can be under control

As many things in life, you can put it in order. Mailbox is not an exception. The keyword here is “priority”.

Priority is, in fact, a keyword for almost anything about productivity.

So, first thing first, lets prioritize our emails:

  • E. No priority at all, we don’t even want to receive this.
  • D. Newsletters, promotional…

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CTO at Elma care. #productivity, #softwarearchitecture, #eventsourcing, #devops, #microservices.

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