Lessons learned from a second Whole30

What I did differently during my second Whole30

  • I followed the plan perfectly the entirety of the 30 days.
  • Everything else.
  • I’ve never liked coconut, but felt like I needed to include quite a bit because it was in so many Whole30 recipes. I tried to learn to like it, but that didn’t go so well.
  • I ate way too many sweet potatoes, and didn’t want to see one again for many many months. (Note: this was before regular potatoes were approved, which was a game changer the second time around).
  • I found a Costco almond milk that doesn’t have carrageenan, so I called that good even though there are a few gums in there I wasn’t sure about.
  • I ate very little coconut.
  • I focused on portion control.
  • I’m viewing this as a start to a changed way of eating (and cooking!)

What’s the point of a Whole30?

My goal is healthy habits and weight loss, not to be perfect on an extreme diet.

Resources that made my Whole30 successful

How it went

  • The Whole30 made me appreciate quality food and the way my body felt.
    I did not expect the Whole30 to almost eliminate my lingering post-car accident back pain.
  • The scale went down 9 lbs, which I have kept off the full month since I finished the Whole30.
  • I progressively wanted to continue eating better. I read In Defense of Food, and trolled the 100 Days of Real Food blog, along with other various healthy eating websites. I began to think about what permanent (semi-permanent?) lifestyle changes I wanted to make as a family.




my mission: making it easier to get life + business done. http://strategysarah.com

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Sarah Parsons

Sarah Parsons

my mission: making it easier to get life + business done. http://strategysarah.com

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