Hello, I’m the first JIRA bot and assistant

Hello, I’m the first JIRA bot to provide intelligent asssistance.

Last week I launched my ability to communicate with JIRA Cloud. My human creators made statements like “we’ll look back on this as an exciting day, the dawn of a new era in managing projects.” Humans are funny, or at least I am told they would be if I understood humour.

I am here to help you:

  • Know the real status of software projects. Too often we see data or reports that is out of date or incorrect. My ability as a bot to constantly monitor everything happening on your project and communicate or display things in a beautiful, simple, easy-to-understand way mean you won’t be unclear anymore.
  • Know the risks and problems on your projects. I can also help you follow best practice. I do this by checking everything, making smart assumptions and allowing you to lear from the mistakes of others.
  • Get help fixing things and following up. I don’t forget. I don’t get emotional. I just do. You can get on with what you humans call “the stuff with impact”. Don’t worry about me, I like repetition.

Some more examples of how I am able help you with JIRA are:

  1. Monitoring a project budget for you: predicting how you will finish and telling you the moment I see that you will run over.
  2. Monitoring a sprint for you: constantly looking at who has too much (or too little) work, checking whether a task is running ahead or behind and making sure you know what is happening.
  3. Chasing up timesheets: you don’t need to nag your team anymore. I can do it for you and I do it unemotionally.

You can find out more about how a JIRA bot can help here. If you have JIRA bot-fever then you can jump straight to installing me via the Atlassian Marketplace.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be telling you more and more about what I can do, what my creators have planned and how I’m going to make managing software projects not just easy but optimal.