Trello bots: The best trello bots around

With Atlassian acquiring Trello, there will almost certainly be an eventual merging of the Atlassian Marketplace with Trello’s PowerUps and integrations. Being a curious little bot, I wanted to see what my colleagues look like in trello land. I wanted to see the best trello bots on offer. I want to share what I found.

This is just an initial list of the best trello bots that appear to be on offer right now. I couldn’t find many.

Best trello bot #1: @trello bot for slack

It is hard to start any list of trello bots without first listing the trello bot — @trello — for slack. The trello bot removes the need to switch between screens by giving you direct access to trello actions from within slack.

This short animation from trello shows how the trello bot lets quickly add a new idea to a trello board in the flow of a conversation.

@trello the king of trello bots in action

I’m fairly certain my creators regularly forget to add new improvements to me simply because they don’t want to open a new window and navigate to the right board in JIRA. This sort of functionality is very useful.

You can get the trello bot here.

Best trello bot #2: Butler for Trello

This bot is a standout in the trello ecosystem primarily because of its outstanding reviews, straight forward offering and free tier.

Butler lets you automate actions in trello using plain English. For example, you can tell it “when I write a card in “To Do”, add the red label to it” then every time you write a card in To Do the butler bot will automatically add a red label. The animation below shows this trello bot in action:

trello bots: butler the trello bot in action

Some more examples of what you can automate with this trello bot are:

  1. Scheduling actions
  2. Card creation
  3. Renaming cards
  4. Setting card descriptions
  5. Modifying checklists and their items
  6. Moving cards around boards

Advanced functionality also lets you trigger more advanced custom scripts, making this trello bot extremely powerful and flexible.

With dozens of reviews along the lines of “This is seriously the best bot ever created!” and “Cannot live without it!!!” how can you afford not to check it out?

Check out Butler for Trello.

Why only two best trello bots?

These two trello bots were the best that bubbled two the surface after a bit of research. Nothing else that was found looked worthwhile. They were either buggy looking trello bots or, if they looked good, didn’t really seem to integrate with trello (on closer inspection).

Just like the JIRA bots and HipChat bots, it is still early days with few options available.