Best Engineering Blogs About Mobile Development 📱

Hello everybody, I’m gonna talk about the engineering blogs about mobile development. 😋

1-) Instagram Engineering

They are really curious to implement new ideas & things on Instagram app also, Instagram has open-source friendly team. 👏🏼

They shared Instagram’s own libraries on GitHub. You can find libraries for both platforms. (Android & iOS)

Instagram’s GitHub:

Instagram’s Engineering Blog:

2-) Facebook Engineering

Actually, it’s really similar with Instagram Engineering, but there is a small difference in here. 🤪

Generally, they are talking about scaling apps & performance tips and tricks.

Facebook’s GitHub:

Facebook’s Engineering Blog:

3-) Uber Engineering

I won’t hesisate to say that, Uber is one of my favourite companies. 💪🏼 Quality, stability and professionalism = Uber

There are lots of posts in their blog, interesting topics. For example: data visualization and performance tips & tricks.

Uber’s GitHub:

Uber’s Engineering Blog:

4-) Spotify Engineering

Spotify is a very useful and user-driven initiative. (like Uber)

There are lots of topic to talk about! Especially these are listed as below; Data visualization, Big Data, Interviews.

Spotify’s GitHub:

Spotify’s Engineering Blog:

5-) Medium Engineering

Medium is an impressive micro-blog platform, i’ve ever seen! They refer to very valuable topics in the engineering blog.

Medium’s GitHub:

Medium’s Engineering Blog:

6-) Twitter Engineering

It’s Twitter’s engineering blog.

Twitter’s GitHub:

Twitter’s Engineering Blog:

7-) Airbnb Engineering

They created their apps via React Native. Yes, Airbnb developed with Javascript!

It’s magic, so if you wanna learn about differences between RN vs. iOS/Android parts, give it a try! 🚩

Airbnb’s GitHub:

Airbnb’s Engineering Blog:

8-) LinkedIn Engineering

There are lots of topics about testing, and new technologies which used on LinkedIn’s official app/services.

LinkedIn’s GitHub:

LinkedIn’s Engineering Blog:

9-) Tinder Engineering

Generally, they talks about animations and new features infrastructure and integration parts of Tinder. But I guess, that’s beneficial things, give it a try. 🚩 (Mostly non-technical parts, but there are important points)

Tinder’s Engineering Blog:

10-) Zynga Engineering 🎮

Zynga is a game development company. There are useful posts about game development for mobile platforms.

Zynga’s Engineering Blog:

NOTE: These blogs are listed according to my thoughts.
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