by nmc!

As an avid concert goer, and enthusiast, I have decided to share my experience of attending The Holy Ghost Tour (Modern Baseball, Joyce Manor, and Thin Lips). I was fortunate enough to attend the Irving Plaza, New York City show on June 24, 2016. It was such a fantastic experience, by far one of the best shows I’ve been to! Headlined by Modern Baseball, with opening acts Joyce Manor and Thin Lips, each individual band performed an energy-filled set.

To get right into the crazy story, it starts when my brother and I made it to the venue at 3:50 pm, despite the fact doors opened at 6:30 pm. This might seem like nothing out of the ordinary for regular concert goers, but it was the first time I waited over an hour and a half for a show.

As we arrived, there were only around ten people in line ahead of us, this allowing us to get a better view since the whole venue was general admission. After around an hour passing a van pulls up, surprising enough it was Modern Baseball unpacking their equipment. I managed to wave hi to Jake and Brendan who waved hi back. Keep in mind they were unpacking on the sidewalk right next to us, the picture has no zoom.

As soon as the band had finished unpacking, Brendan began walking away with what I assume was their tour manager. My brother said I should follow him and attempt to get the baseball we brought signed. I started following him, as creepy as that may sound I’m glad I did. I managed TI squeak out an, “Excuse me?” My voice shaking from being so nervous. He turned around and smiled so I took it as an invitation to continue with, “Can you sign this?” He replied with, “Of course! I don’t have a pen though.” I came prepared with a sharpie and back up pen. I told him I had one and he said, “Great!” while signing it. I took notice of how my dog had bitten that pen previously and told him, “Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry my dog bit that!” To my relive he started laughing and said, “That’s so funny!” I then asked for a picture and said our goodbyes. (I apologize for how bad I look in all these pictures!)

Still a little shocked from my previous encounter, I turned around to walk back to the line when I saw Jake and Sean waiting by the back door. I walked over to them trying to control my nerves when I asked Jake if he could sign my baseball. He said of course and I said, “Sorry I’m so nervous, you guys are my favorite band.” He was so genuine when he said, “Thank you so much, that’s so nice!” I then got a picture with him as well.

I then turned to Sean, he signed my baseball and I told him, “Sorry I’m so nervous, you’re kinda just my favorite drummer.” Who replied, “Thank you! That’s so sweet!” Everything was a blur that I can’t recall what had happened after that, I just remember walking back to the line.

Around half an hour later, another van pulled up and out came Joyce Manor (another one of my favorite bands). I waved to Barry and he waved back, which was a big deal for me. By the time they were done unpacking, my stomach began to hurt immensely bad. Earlier that day at school we had a Gay-Sraight-Alliance end of year party and I probably shouldn’t of ate so much sweets! To save you the details, lets just say I threw up in a trash can twice. Yikes.

The time spent on line talking to the other people waiting went by extremely fast and before I knew it, it was time to enter the venue. They had everyone not bringing a bag go in first, so my brother went it and saved us a place to stand. When I entered and saw my brother, he had gotten front row, right stage barrier!

I went to get us merch before everything was sold out and the lines got too long. As I was waiting on line, I heard a familiar voice. I looked next to me and saw the one and only, Barry Johnson, standing next to me. Being the embarrassingly awkward fourteen year old I am, I said hi and he said hi back and smiled. I ran back to my brother to get my phone and ask Barry for a picture, but when I returned he was sadly gone. I got the merch and went back to my spot.

When I returned, the boy next to me asked me if I wad “the girl who got the baseball signed.” We had a small chat and everyone was so nice there. I was nervous about going since I was obviously the youngest one there, being just turned fourteen and 5"3'.

The first band, Thin Lips, came out on stage and I waved hi to Chrissy who returned the large smile and wave. They did an outstanding job and Chrissy’s Orlando Pulse NightClub tribute speech was very moving! By the time to set was over, Kyle and Mikey had to come over our way to put the equipment away. I talked to Kyle for a bit and got his autograph, Mikey came over as well and he also signed my paper. When he left he soon returned with hid setlist which he gave to me!

Next Joyce Manor came on for soundcheck and Barry waved me me! I waved to Jeff who looked unsure if I was waving to him, pointed to himself mouthing, “Me?” and when I confirmed that I was in fact waving to him, he smiled widely and waved back. When they first started the crowd went insane! Everyone was jumping and singing, the atmosphere was absolutely wonderful and by the time their set was over I was converted in sweat and lost my voice.

Barry was giving away his setlist and then split his in half and walked over to my section attempting to give it to someone. When someone else tried to take it, he pulled it away and shoved it in my hands with a hand signal showing he remembered me from earlier! My brother got a setlist as well but we’re not sure who gave it to him since we didn’t see.

Jeff came over and I talked to him and got a picture and autograph!

When Chase went to put the equipment away I stopped him and he said hi and I got a picture and autograph!

Soon Modern Baseball came on and once again the crowd went insane! It was such a lively and energetic experience, everything about it was amazing. I’m so fortunate to of been able to go! My brother grabbed Ian’s setlist when he threw it into the crowd, him being the tallest one in our general area.

My view of Jake! (my picture, no zoom)
Ian Farmer! (my pic, no zoom)
Everything we got from the concert! 4 setlists and 7 autographs!
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