DPoS 已经上线 !

DPoS于6月17日正式上线, 使亦来云成为世界上第一个采用混合共识机制(DPoS与AuxPow)的区块链,来维护和验证区块。

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我们很荣幸地宣布所有三个野草莓超级节点都已经上线, 至今排名前24位,并以72分钟的间隔发放最莓好的节点收益!如果您想将收益发放的时间间隔更改为每日、每周或每月的时间表, 您可以在我们的电报中查询并向其中一位管理员寻求帮助。我们会将您的投票地址列入白名单,让您可按照所要求的时间间隔收到您的节点收益。🍓

为了查看参与DPoS的大多数超级节点的投票统计数据,您可以访问ELA BANK. 该团队开发了一个完全透明化的网站,可让您在其中查询大量的信息。您可以100%公开地查看超级节点的支付脚本!这显示了一个超级节点发放了多少ELA, 有多少选民投给其节点以及许多其它很棒的功能。快去体验一下吧!

我们是CR新闻团队(CR Press)的首批官方赞助商之一。The Wild Strawberries是CR Keep级别的赞助商。一旦我们的100%促销选民奖励结束,我们将捐赠6%的收益。您可以在此阅读更多有关CR新闻团队以及其它的赞助商。

首先, 我们希望通过管理和运行稳定的节点来维护亦来云区块链, 从而为亦来云去中心化的生态系统做出贡献。我们发现回馈社区并重视那些具有相同愿景的其它项目的重要性。这就是为什么我们支持CR新闻团队和其它有助于亦来云和Cyber Republic成功的项目!

The latest and greatest!

On the 17th of June DPoS officially went live. Making Elastos the worlds first blockchain that combines a hybrid consensus algorithm (DPoS and AuxPoW) in order to secure and validate it’s blocks.

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We are thrilled to announce that all 3 of our super nodes are live, ranked in the top 24, and dishing out the sweetest berry rewards on a 72min interval! If you would like to change the interval of the berry rewards to a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, you can drop by in our Telegram and ask one of the admins for assistance. We will whitelist your voting address and you should recieve your berry rewards in the desired interval. …

100% 的奖励分配给选民!


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100% of the rewards for the community!

Did you just say 100% of the voting rewards? Well yes… we did!

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Take them, they are yours to keep!

The perfect soil to grow in

As the berry rewards for our voters are soon to be shared, we would like to take a moment to tell you what infrastructure your votes will be counted on. We assure you that your votes are in safe hands with the strawberry patch!

Transparency is something we highly value, this is why we would like to inform you about our hardware and software choices for securing the Elastos smartweb.

We have chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) to grow our strawberries on. They are renowned for being one of the most resilient and stable cloud providers with an uptime of over 99%. …

The names of The Wild Strawberry patch Super-nodes!

As more updates are being released on a weekly basis by Elastos and The Cyber Republic regarding the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) model we are closing in on the release date where the community can host their own nodes on top of the Elastos infrastructure.

Currently the 12 CRC Supernodes have officially started signing the blocks that are created by the miners to ensure finality of consensus.

You can find more information on the roadmap regarding the DPoS on the Elastos website here and the full roadmap of 2019 here.

As great progress is being made by Elastos and The Cyber Republic the people of The Wild Strawberry Super-nodes haven’t been sitting still either. …

For the people by the people

Citizens of The Cyber Republic, exciting times are ahead indeed!

As we are residents of the future smart web infrastructure named Elastos, we now have the power to put our votes to work and help shape this online borderless world.

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You DO have power over the new smart web. We encourage you to cast your vote!

Vote for a world where we are all equals, protected by an infrastructure that is based on technology and mathematics. A system that is secure, fair and decentralized by design.

We feel honored to be able to participate in the infrastructure that will provide us with a secure online digital home.

- Stable nodes, because securing the network is the most important task! …


The Wild Strawberry Supernodes

Securing the Elastos network & sharing the wealth of a decentralized eco-system

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