Strax Rejuvenation Affiliated Surgeons Do Hair Grafts and Injectables

The non-surgical rejuvenation treatments available at Strax Rejuvenation of Lauderhill, Florida are many. Many of these cosmetic applications are excellent for improving the elasticity of the skin, delaying the necessity for surgery.While procedures like surgical facelifts are enormously effective, Strax puts forward a great many non-surgical alternatives to improve the appearance and self-confidence, such as fillers like Radiesse and Belotero and wrinkle reducers like Xeomin.

Hair grafts, or hair transplantation, moves hair follicles from one part of the body to a bald or balding part of the body. This procedure is offered at Strax Rejuvenation of Lauderhill, Florida. The most common use of hair grafting is to treat male pattern baldness. Hair grafts contain the majority of the epidermis and dermis around the hair follicle and many tiny grafts are transplanted. Follicular unit transplantation is usually accomplished by using follicular units, groupings of 1 to 4 hairs which grow that way naturally.

The hair transplantation professionals who contract to work with Strax Rejuvenation consult with patients prior to performing this minimally invasive procedure. The surgeon examines the scalp, determines the patient’s expectations and advises a single transplant or multiple transplant sessions. Alcohol and smoking are discouraged prior to surgery, as these substances affect graft survival. Patients must refrain from taking medicines which could affect the success of the new hair grafts. Post-operatively, antibiotics are prescribed to prevent infections. The hair graft procedure is regarded as an outpatient procedure, with local anesthesia and mild sedation utilized.

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