To be honest, I starting reading your post until it soon dawned that all I was getting was all the…
Rick Fischer

I have to concur. I think that however much some people might wish it not so, male and female gender, both biologically and culturally, defines the majority, and now (and into the past), some people use a definition of non-binary, but that identification does not and will not negate male and female identities. The people identifying as non-binary, I see, are on a long path to find their place in the world, and for the world to help them find that path, given that path has not existed up to now. In many ways I equate it with the womens’ movement, in that, at the end of the day it was women themselves who had to fight and work hard for liberation. And the world had to change as that fight was waged. Bringing the discussion back to the toilet and shower room issue, as an example, I don’t see that women have to adjust, and lose their exclusivity to women’s only facilities. I see that there is need for male, female and non-binary facilities, in situations where having separated facilities is safest and provides the person with privacy (eg public pools etc). I feel compassion for people who are dealing with their issues in relation to identifying as non-binary, and I see their road as not an easy one to navigate.