Arie M. Prasetyo

Maybe we should not forget about how the “tolak mensholatkan jenazah”, “tidak menerapkan AM 51 berarti murtad” thing from Anies’ camp (said to be unofficial), also eviction terror issues that came from Anies’ own mouth. Thats also provoke fear and insecurity, and unethical. You are missing the whole point there, the video are visualizing the real terror that’s happened, and then it change to the scene where every people……all represent their own race and religion…can dancing, laughing, and pray together without fear. We need to see the whole video to see its meaning, can’t judge it just based on small portions of it. We already had too many case of video footage misinterpretation (that are being used politically to provoke and incite riot….IYKWIM).

We all know that there are radical bigot group based on religion out there, its very real, and many uneducated(even educated) people sway to their cause. Do their act represent their religion? Of course not, all of that fucker radicals will never represent billions of their counterpart.

I never watch Trump’s campaign video or speech, but if…...if they use some terrorist attack scene as their campaign…...i’m pretty sure they’re not using scene that depicting people from all race and religion smiling……dancing arm in arm together.

Personally im not living in Jakarta, but i care about who will win in DKI election. Because if my guess is right, Anies is just a pawn(not crazy enough to oppose his backers), his anti reclamation, dp 0% policy, could make many investors lose their trust on Indonesia, that in turn make another recession and unrest, then some political party could use that advantage in presidential election….Indonesia can’t afford another breakdown….we barely recovered from 97–98.

Please dont think that im attacking your opinion or anything like that, i assured you its not, im just sharing my point of view here. its 4 AM here in Bandung, and i think i really need some sleep…….it really exhausting to translate my indonesian mind to english writing. Please excuse my not so good english.

Kind Regards

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