Good Bye SublimeText, hello PhpStorm

It has been a long and great relationship, nah just kidding. As much as I like vim and I had set up Sublime and all the modules to almost perfection, in the end the PhpStorm is simply better. Yes, the cost of ownership is higher, but thanks to that it is a more polished product.
You will find people claiming that it is just a text editor and not a IDE, but those people most likely have not added all the modules to make Sublime a full blown IDE. One place where it fell short is xDebug integration. There is a module and it does work, but the one in PhpStorm is just that bit better.

PhpStorm is not without it’s flaws, some of the shortcuts can only be a keyboard+mouse combo. Case in point multi-caret-select, or however you want to call it. In sublime, I had it at “Alt+UP” and “Alt+DOWN”, in PhpStorm I’m forced to grab a mouse. And then, there is resource consumption. Sitting at 800MB of RAM at runtime and 1.6GB after a while PhpStorm is a resource hog compared to a slick 200–350MB with Sublime. Pair PhpStorm with multitabbed Chrome and slack client, VM or a few docker containers and you might as well forget about any laptop limited to 8GB of RAM.

Overall, no piece of software is perfect and I’m going to use sublime for quick fixes, but in my day to day work phpstorm it is.

P.S. I know I can force the keymap setting by editing a keymap file. Unfortunately on Ubuntu it does not have any effect.

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