RethinkDB is going to be fine

I quite like RethinkDB (a document based data store with integrity, well thought through query language and enough built in functionality to make you wonder why you’ve never heard about it). What brought it to my attention were change feeds and if you are building anything requiring real time interaction, you should definitely check it out.

So you may have heard that the company behind RethinkDB has folded. You can read the postmortem. This has made some people worried that this awesome DB might go down with the company, despite assurances about making it a community run open-source project, however I’ve recently learned that the process is ongoing and further development is still happening.
From one of the contributors:

We’re nearly done polishing up the 2.4 release, which includes a bunch of sweet stuff like pre-write modifier functions. The biggest hold up on that is building out CI/testing infrastructure from scratch, figuring out how we’re going to release binaries, and the legality of doing so under the official name/domain.
We’ve even begun roadmapping things for 2.5/next including great work done by @srh which improves the performance of hard-durability writes by a significant degree. We intend to publish an official roadmap in the near future, but you can get a pretty good idea just following PRs in GitHub.
More is soon to come! If you’re interested in getting involved or just want to get updates, the best place to be is #open-rethinkdb onSlack.

So there you have it, I’m definitely going to sleep much better knowing that this awesome piece of software will continue.

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