I am sorry you think I owe her an apology. My story was to emphasize how we should accept those who may behave differently than us. I wanted to show how true friendship trumps behavior that one may find unusual or even sometimes embarrassing
Danna, I definitely do not live in LA and have never been there.

Dennett , I thought your story was simply beautiful. Within this tale of friendship, you give the readers a glimpse into Evelyn’s life, and how her life choices and affected YOURS. When I say this, you see her struggles, her hurts, her pain and her joy. And when she does things that may come across as insensitive or crass, your grace and love for her shines through…

You realize that more than likely, Evelyn knows these things about herself.

As for cultural components affecting her behavior, this is quite true. Growing up in different parts of the country can affect ones behavior, social customs, familial ones…

I understood the point of your story. There are no apologies needed. I suspect if you were to apologize to Evelyn, she would give you a puzzled look. You already know that no matter what, she will find fault with everything if its not too her liking. Thats why you cringe! You deeply sigh during those times, but I do suspect that’s what makes Evelyn “EVELYN” .

If this story was on a test, and if the question was “ what was the story about?”

  1. Independence
  2. Friendship
  3. Rudeness
  4. Compassion

I would pick compassion. Because that’s what I read into it.

And the world would be a better place if everyone thought like you.