The Sheer Stupidity of NFL Fans

…especially if they listen to Trump

This quote comes from a man who deferred service in the military not once, but FOUR times for a bone spur, and when asked which foot it was, he COULD NOT REMEMBER.

This quote comes from a man who said John McCain was NOT a hero, because he was captured by the enemy, and was held prisoner in the infamous Hanoi Hilton, which I suspect Trump thought was an actual hotel that he considered buying.

This quote comes from a man who attacked a GOLD STAR family, whose son DIED in the course of duty, saving ten of his fellow soldiers from a suicide bomber.

This quote comes from a man who tells you to walk out of the game, not giving a rats ass as to how much money you spent on season tickets, since he is not a fan, but USES YOU to further his racist agenda.

This quote comes from a man who tweets about 21 times about the NFL, yet shows little concern for Puerto Rico, who tweets the debt they are in, yet was part of their debt:

That failed business venture they were referring to was the Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico, which, according to Fortune, borrowed $26.4 million in government-backed bonds in order to pay for improvements, but later defaulted on a $119,814 to bondholders. In 2015, the club filed for bankruptcy, which is when Trump (who licensed his name to the property) desperately tried to distance himself from the place bearing his unbearable name.

Except that Trump, according to BuzzFeed News, did pocket the hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees from the resort, and when the club defaulted on those bonds and declared bankruptcy, left Puerto Rico’s taxpayers with a hefty $32.7 million bill to pay.

This quote comes from a man who doesn’t have the decency to remember to put his hand over his heart during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, less than a foot away from him, till his suffering wife Melania hits him to remind him to do it…

So, in conclusion…

Burn Colin Kaepernick’s jersey…

Once again, silly people spending good money and throwing it all away.

I guess you are true followers of Trump, the dotard.

Find something else to do…what an idiot

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