STREAM PDX is a mobile recording/podcasting studio with a mission.

It exists to enable and promote the use of audio as a medium for self-expression and the transferring of ideas. It makes available the tools of audio production for the purpose of experimentation and the production of professional work.

Creators of all types are invited to use the studio to create new works or augment, extend and transform their current work through the use of our recording facility, education, and programming.

The studio currently lives inside of the XOXO Outpost and is deeply connected to the mission of the organization and to supporting the needs of the wider XOXO community. That said the studio will also be a resource for anyone who needs us. Come on down!


The use of audio as a communication and creativity vehicle is gaining speed. Audiences are developing quickly and supporting the creation of works across just about every area of study. STREAM PDX is here to support creators in meeting the needs and desires of these new audiences and in taking people past their expectations of the medium.

STREAM PDX is driven by the following ideas and we hope you find this as exciting as we do. Follow along and join in on our website.


Exploring and advancing recording and editing techniques
Working with broad subject matter
Transforming traditional media methods
Developing and utilizing new technology including hardware and software

Capturing interesting, important and surprising moments in our community
Inviting visiting creators, thinkers and doers into the space to record
Getting outside and following stories
Amplifying issues and works that we find important

Ability to create professional quality work
Instruction and knowledge sharing
Partnerships and friendships with other organizations
Supporting the professional goals of our community members