News from the team, delisting of the token, new ROADMAP, plans for development and many more news

Dear community,

The team continues working: much has already been done but much remained to be done. We are finally ready to tell you about our plans for 2019 and to provide you with the latest news.

“First of all we are pleased to inform you that we are ready to start our marketing campaign as our product has passed all the necessary testing phases. And further development and improvements can be done simultaneously with the influx of the users to our platform.”

Vladislav Kuznetsov, CEO Streamity

After lengthy discussions the team decided to delist STM token from MERCATOX, due to low liquidity and low demand for this exchange. But in the nearest future we plan to list our token at a famous and liquid exchange, after we finish our negotiations with them, please follow the news.

We had also made a completely new ROADMAP where we took into account all the market realities and our users’ opinions. So we are ready to move forward and to make our service more easy, more functional and mobile.

Privilege packages

We made a decision to change tariffs and to reduce their quantity to 4. The 5th package will be available just to ICO participants and will work by the old rules.

Sorting in the order book

In the nearest time we will fix the sorting in the order book and it will be as close to the market as possible. The orders with a lower rate and with a higher volume will have priority over other orders. The column with cryptocurrency rate will also be added there.


Already this month we will switch the limits off Yandex.Money payment system.

Adaptation to mobile devices

Also in February it will be possible to use our service via smartphones.

StreamDesk telegram-bot

We are proud to report that we started developing a telegram-bot connected to StreamDesk functionality via API. It’s not going to look identical to our competitors’ bots. And be sure that it will guarantee absolute safety to telegram fans due to integration of smart-contract architecture and API of payment systems.

High priority of transactions

We will make it possible to “Establish high priority” for a higher miners’ commission which will let to speed up the transactions.

Notification messages

We will notify the users via telegram and/or sms. This will let them be informed on time and not to miss a deal. We will also show the online/offline status of the users.

Automatization and the speed of the transactions

It will be possible to send cryptocurrency to the smart-contract at once when the order is created. This will automates the trading process and will attract more exchangers and major players to the platform.

Integration of new payment systems and addition of new cryptocurrencies to the platform

We don’t make a fee-paying listing of the tokens, we add just liquid currencies to the platform for our users’ convenience. That’s why we will continue adding well-established cryptocurrencies there. Which currencies exactly will be added to the platform we will tell a little bit later. We will also continue adding new payment systems to the platform but only after we negotiate about our mutual cooperation as we prefer to do a legal business.

Looking ahead

We started working on a decentralized multicurrency wallet with a possibility to keep and transfer cryptocurrency via StreamDesk platform. We plan to integrate a few cold wallets there, we will add a market section to StreamDesk and we’ll compete to well-known CoinMarketCap. There will be a possibility for “splits” at the platform. And we also plan to make a rebranding of the platform.

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