In the last few weeks the whole team continued their efforts to simplify the usage of the main product as much as possible.

A few most important functions for traders and for people were added to StreamDesk. These are:

⚙️Market + %. Now it is possible to be charging from the market price. It means that the profit established by the trader in advance will be included in the moment the order is executed.

⚙️Possibility to change the price without withdrawal of bid. Now you need not return your cryptocurrency to your wallet. It will help to save on the net commissions.

⚙️Return of non-performed bids to the order book. If cancelling the deal for any reason, cryptocurrency is returning to the order book until the moment of execution.

Try the new functionality for traders in operation and you’ll make sure how easy you can cash on selling cryptocurrency.

Simultaneous development of several projects of the ecosystem continues. There is very little time left before launching the IOS / Android application, as well as the Academy. Their launch will take place in early June. We are also starting to develop a new landing page and personal client’s office, as well as a unique marketing program, which we will tell about very soon.

The new ROADMAP of the project is also almost ready, we will show it simultaneously with the rebranding that we are preparing.

Listing of STM token on centralized exchanges will take place after we launch the main portals the team is working on and after the full transition to the work of the entire ecosystem in STM tokens. We do this in order to provide constant demand for STM token.

STM.Club community already has more than 10,000 users and continues to grow. We are preparing a huge amount of news and innovations, our ecosystem will constantly grow and develop, stay with us and have a little more patience.

CEO Streamity, Vladislav Kuznetsov