has got a development update including “Preliminary depositing”

April 01, 2019

“StreamDesk” team introduces a new development update of platform

“Preliminary depositing” is one of the major innovations of the platform. This function fixes several important issues of Bitcoin exchange at platform and remains fully secure.

We’d like to remind that we announced the release of Bitcoin exchange at the platform in October, 2018. And it was the first secure BTC transaction on the Web which was made between two users. We created StreamDesk where you can easily and securely buy or sell cryptocurrency for fiat money.

⚙️Preliminary depositing gives a lot of advantages, the most important of these:

  • Increases the speed of BTC exchange transactions
  • Reduces the number of cancelled orders
  • Additionally automates the process of BTC transactions

Besides the update contains a number of improvements aimed at increased stability and speed of the platform.

⚙️ Added a feature of registration at the platform via Telegram bot. Now the users who prefer Telegram can create a new account via Telegram bot. Try it now: @StreamdeskBot.

⚙️ Added a feature of automatic filter that allows to select cryptocurrency at the dashboard.

⚙️ The default currency while creating an order is BTC.

⚙️ Displaying the cost of cryptocurrency per unit was implemented in to the section “create an order”.

⚙️ Fixed a bug with deleting the identification number from the field “Telegram ID” in the user’s account.

⚙️ Fixed an error of incorrect copying of the referral link on some devices.

You can now register or authorize at platform via Telegram bot @StreamdeskBot. Try it and tell us your opinion.