The Gap

The mind can be a place of great torment. Many get trapped, few find their way out.

You may think you’ve won the battle, but the crusade marches on.

Like the fragrance of stale coffee, it leads you into bitter disappointment.

The mind is the great rival highlighted in the record books.

Be careful and keep score.

Once you take the lead, a swift surprise leaks in. It flutters through the veil like a discrete mosquito.

This is its house recipe — its illusion to trick the I am that I am.

What is its motive?

To teach? To learn? To kill?

Slow death inward claims the lives of millions. Although still breathing, their souls sleep in barren decay.

Thinking, alway thinking.

Can there be an end?

Strive for a pause.

Look for the gap.

In the gap there are no plans to make, no stories to tell. Just the infinite omnipresence of unbridled joy.

The flickering of life’s purest flame.

Burn in the gap.