Getting Started With Kubernetes

A lot of people ask “So, How do I get started with Kubernetes” and the great thing is there’s tons of resources out there to get started. So, I decided to just build a list of those resources that can help you get started with Kubernetes. I’ll keep updating this list as time goes on.

Kubernetes Videos
Kubernetes Webinar Series — Getting Started With Kubernetes
Kubernetes Technical Overview — Oldie, but a good one
Kubernetes For Sysadmins — Kelsey Hightower PuppetConf 2016
Container Management And Deployment: From development to production
Kubernetes Training: Getting Started with Kubernetes — Chris Gaun

Get Hands On With Kubernetes
Minikube — Run Kubernetes locally on your desktop
Google Cloud Container Service — Fully managed Kubernetes deployment
Azure Container Service — Automated Kubernetes deployment
Kubernetes The Hard Way — Manual deployment of Kubernetes (Optimized for Learning)
Kubernetes On Bare-Metal — Overview of installing K8’s on bare-metal

Kubernetes Up And Running — by Kelsey Hightower (June 25th, 2017 Release)
Kubernetes Cookbook — By Hideto Saito
Basics Of Kubernetes — By George Sammons
Mastering Kubernetes — By Gigi Sayfan
Getting Started with Kubernetes — by Jonathan Baier

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