5 Tips For Students With Their Best Designer Ladies’ Shirts Online

Schools are over. You just started going to college, and all of a sudden, many fresh changes happening to your life. While this new-found independence is exciting, it comes with its own set of challenges. You got to build you wardobe with lot of designer ladies shirts online and also take care of your health to face the transformation. Here are some simple tips that will help you not only with your best looks but also keep you happy and stress-free.

1. Look after your skin

Now that you have started going to college, you shall start travelling more & your skin is exposed to sun, pollution & all kinds of impurities on a daily basis. Many of us neglect skincare, thinking that we’ll take care when we get older but actually this is the time to lay the very foundation of a skincare routine. It’s critical to use a face wash & a moisturizing lotion or cream with a sunblock, depending on your skin type. Gradually you can add more skincare solutions to your routine but these are the bare necessities.

2. Sleep tight for a bright face

I can’t stress the importance of sleep enough. Less sleep not only contributes largely to exhaustion, stress & anxiety; it can also play havoc with your skin. This leads to dullness, & the worst part, dark circles. I know for sure college can be hectic but it’s also very important to get right amount of sleep.

3. Makeup — keep it simple

Now you are in college and it is the perfect time to get started with makeup. However, it doesn’t mean you need to go berserk. Except for a special day, just stick to the fundamentals of KISS — Keep it simple, silly. Excess makeup will clog your pores. Use a tinted lip balm, it will help to keep your lips moist as well as give it a pretty color. Kohl is great daily wear too. When you are going out, feel free to experiment with sharp bright lips & bold eyes (but be reminded that either the lips or eyes should be the centre of your look, not both of them).

4. Clothes — Buy the casual shirt for womens online india

College is when a lot of girls really start shopping online for designer ladies shirts. Whether you’re on an allowance or have a job, it’s time to really start building your collection of casual shirts. While classy pieces are OK, you should also take care to get all the basics — a couple of oomphy, well fitted jeans (black & blue preferred), solid color t-shirts & casual shirts & a 2–3 nice looking bags (black, brown & red are recommended). These are the items that never fail — you can dress them up in an almost unlimited number of ways with the right accessories & you will get sooo much use out of them.

5. Go creative with your footwear

Some colleges have a list of rules- no bold accessories, no skirts, no that, no this. At times it can be very suffocating. That’s why you should consider having lot of fun with shoes in college. Shoes are a great way to show off your personality & can you believe it? there are no rules with shoes! Go for shoes that speak to you but keep the logical aspect in mind too! Did I forget to mention boots?

I hope these little tips help you look your brightest best.

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