The war between President Trump and the Press is costing Americans more than we think.

Love him, hate him, ignore him…. it’s irrelevant. Trump is president. The #politicalLeft is so blinded by a vitriolic hate for the man Trump that all journalistic and personal responsibility has flown the coop on the crazy train to nowhere. It’s personal. #Triggered has become the new state of being for Liberals, Conservatives and Media Darlings alike, and there seems to be no end to this era of insanity.

I will not attempt to explain or defend Trumps weird Tweets, statements, juvenile-like engagement in arguments and all-around awkwardness as president. But the sign of a professional is that they are able to operate and conduct themselves in a manner expected within their sphere of business regardless of whether or not a colleague adheres to that same standard. The media is comprised of hundred of thousands, if not millions of (cough) self-professed professionals and only one Donald Trump. These journalists have the choice to either be triggered or maintain integrity in their duties. Gone are the days of personal integrity(?) where I have a standard of ethic that I obey regardless of what anyone around me does. Journalistic professionalism has all but become extinct, like a weirder-than-fiction version of The Dark Knight, with the media as the Joker, loosing their f-ing minds, we watch our media willfully and wholeheartedly engage in the self-promoted suicide of America.

Absent from print and online news sources and commentaries is reasonable and tenured debate about the pros and cons of issues like Obamacare (which is unsustainable and bleeding the life and finances out of the American economy); in lieu we get personal opinions, party affiliation rants and all out cat fights that never touch on anything substantial that resemble reality TV more than healthy debate. Our democracy’s balance rests in the fragile arms of an unbiased free media that no longer exists. In fact, what is regularly reported as news is so far out of balance with the real issues and concerns of middle class America that they have become a caricature of themselves, with tragic consequences to our democracy.

Liberals cry “don’t repeal Obamacare” with little or no thought to the reality that we just can’t afford to pay for what they want to exist as healthcare in this nation. Like spoiled celebrities who have the means and ends to always get their way, they demand in child-like fashion what they ask us to financially support. Conservatives are all over the board, and apparently even with a majority in Congress, are unable to do much of anything but trip over their own Mr. Jimmys (that’s cocks for those who are not gender-triggered). Generic memes and Facebook stories circulate about how great Canada’s healthcare system is and how well it will work for us fail to reflect on their own bleeding finances and sky-high tax rates (according to a Google search dated 2014, the average CAN family earned $77,381 and paid $32,369 in total taxes, or 41.8%. Food, shelter and clothing ate up another 36.1%). For those not good in math, that’s about 77.9% of your income gone after taxes, food, shelter and clothing. Yes, government; please come into my life and manage it for me, I just can’t bear to (insert sarcasm here).

Missing from the torched and burning landscape of political discussion are balanced considerations about the emotional, physical and financial repercussions for BOTH repealing and keeping Obamacare. Instead, we have the media portraying America to herself as being in one of two polarized camps of bleeding liberals and selfish conservatives which leads to underrepresented inadequacy in the effectiveness of congress to govern and heightened political positioning to constituents (at least the ones with money). Historically, we have depended on the media to be an unbiased check and balance in the realm of complex political discussion. Now, they are talking pieces for specific parties, making it easier for mass amounts of disenfranchised Americans to tune out or only read the cliff notes.

This policy/strategy/accidental reaction by journalists and checked-out Americans is effectively and systematically helping us to commit assisted suicide. Some would argue for the implosion of the American democratic system as we know it, opting for something in their view to be more balanced and fair like socialism. But I can tell you, the world without a free, democratic America is not a world I want to be a part of. I hope it never happens. I hope our media snaps out of it’s terrible two’s stage, pulls up its big boy/girl panties and does their f-ing jobs. Report the news. Not decide which part of the news to report, not insert your nobody cares opinion here, not obstructing the news. Grow up. Stop the tantrums. Report. The. News. Be offended, it doesn’t matter. YOU are responsible, not Trump. You are many; he is one. Nothing short of a #JournalistRevolution will save the integrity of our nation. #CNN #NYTimes #news #media #ABCnews #CBSnews #FoxNews #MSNBC #MorningJoe #AndersonCooper #PeterJennings #stopthemediatantrums

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