Mr Bones: Dog Street Photography

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Unlike a genre like portraiture, street photography offers a multitute of things to shoot. Aptly named “Mr. Bones” is a street photographer that focuses on mainly one broad subject: Dogs. Here’s some of his images and a few words about his own work.

I am a huge fan of street photography and candid photographers. William Klein and Henri Cartier-Bresson introduced me to candid and documentary photography. They are kings.

John Shingleton has been a photographer for over 50 years , now that he unearthed some old negatives, he send us an exclusive vintage look at a Japanese factory.

I am an Australian retired auto industry executive.I was born in the UK and camet to Australia for my work in 1977 and stayed here.I now live in the coastal town of Terrigal on the east coast of Australia.

I became interested in photography at school at the age of 14 when a teacher started a school camera club.The teacher had travelled extensively in the Far East before the second world…

[Guest post by Sebastian Jacobitz] It’s a chaotic world. Finding yourself on the street looking for the perfect photo opportunity can be quite the challenge. If you live in a Metropole, the street can be a very chaotic place. People are crossing your paths, while you try to capture a great image and doing what you ideally had in your mind.

The street isn’t a quiet place where you can take your time to carefully take an image. It isn’t a landscape that only changes through seasons. It is a place that changes within seconds.

Detecting the moment that you…

Chris Leskovsek wrote a nice Ricoh GR user review with great images. He’s now released a Photo Zine “Øbservations N01”, here’s an interesting discussion about the project.

Chris, what is your Zine about?

This are little essays about society, the city, urban life and landscapes. I am trying to make the viewer ‘read between the lines’.

What made you decide to create your own Photo Zine?

Øbservations is a personal project I started for two reasons. One was to help me edit my own work, and help me guide my work where I want to take it. Specifically with my…

John Shingleton sent me a few photographs and an artist statement:

I have been a keen photographer for over 50 years.Over that time my enthusiasm has waxed and waned but I have been particularly lucky that my work and my leisure travel has taken me all over the world and I have taken tens of thousand of photos from those travels. I have had many photos published and won competitions and even a few useful prizes.

I had a home darkroom, I have done black and white printing and even dabbled in Cibachrome ( reversal color) printing which was both…

Photography can become a stiff game of always being calculated and stern. I’m a big proponent of Everyday photography, a more relaxed kind of photography. Here I send a few questions to Valquire about his Everyday photography, his approach and what it means to him.

Valquire, can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Sure! I’m a Berlin based photographer and media artist. Right now I’m feeling more like a filmmaker actually since I’m working in that area these days, but it can change on weekly basis. I tried to decide to go a mono way, music, film or…

Tommi Linna was interviewed in Inspired Eye issue 4. Here I catch up with him with his series of street photos made after sunset.

Tommi, lease tell us a bit more about yourself

I am a soon to be 49 years old hobby photographer, working the nightshift at a home for elderly people suffering from dementia.

Rey Luciano is a Philippino Street Photographer that does both B&W and color work. Here’s some of his work with a few questions.

Rey, please tell us a bit about yourself

Hi! My full name is Rey Luciano Soliven, Rey Soliven is fine. Just turned 44 and together with my wife, enjoying fatherhood [& motherhood!] to 2 adolescent boys. I’m also enjoying sports, great fan of tennis since Andre Agassi’s era. Amongst the ‘Now’ generation, Nadal is my fave, he’s also a lefty! …

Joel Mattro does Philippines Street Photography. Here I interview him about his process, images and inspiration.

Philippines street photography

If you have been in the Filipino community long enough, you will surely have heard his name, he’s pretty well known in street circles. Onto the questions:

What inspired you to become a photographer?

Photography is where I find happiness, it is that pursuit that fuels my hunger for images that hopes to get the story across. Be it documentary photography. Be it in the street. Be it in video. Be it in editing. …

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