Since Instagram’s inception 5 years ago, street photography has become an evolving and increasingly popular form of art. People worldwide spend hours each day roaming their cities to depict where they come from in its truest sense. The ability for street photographers to capture everyday moments, share it with their audience, and receive instant feedback has allowed them to hone their skills more with each passing day. When you think about street photography, names like Saul Leiter and Vivian Maier might come to mind, but today’s street photographers come by different names and they’re equally worth checking out!

  1. @monaris_

Paola Franqui is always there to capture the perfect New York City moments. Her photos from Chinatown are in a class of their own.

2. @visualmemories_

Jomayra Texeira’s cinematic New York shots have allowed her to amass quite a following over the years.

3. @benerotto

Some of the best street photography on Instagram — based in Moscow, you’ll see influences from William Eggleston and Saul Leiter here!

4. @daniahany

Based in Cairo and shooting primarily in black and white, Dania presents the capital city in a way that shows Cairo is like any other large city in the world, yet with its own character.


Luis is originally from Mexico and recently spent quite some time traveling around Cuba, using incredible composition, colors, and the rich culture of the country.

6. @markusxandersen

Markus is a professional photographer based in Sydney, Australia and is a member of Tiny Collective, a global photography cooperative focusing on mobile photography.

7. @novess

The 16 year old New York native has quickly made a name for himself on the Instagram with his incredible composition and lighting and has already worked with brands like Nike and Canon.

8. @m_mateos

Matthew Wylie is also a contributing photographer to Tiny Collective and his photos are incredibly reminiscent of Saul Leiter’s work — I call it intelligent photography.

9. @cocu_liu

Chicago has become a hot spot for street photography Instagrammers — you’ll see why.

10. @jaspertejano

Jasper is currently studying Street Photography and his photos depict beautiful silhouettes with hints of color in the background.

11. @o_log

Russia like you’ve never seen before. Her use and sense for color is exceptional.

This post originally appeared on INK361 and was written by Michael, the founder of Street Scenes Magazine — a soon to be print publication featuring some of the best street photography from around the world. Find out more at

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