Ingenuity, Efficiency, and Reliability: The Toyota Prius Recipe

The Toyota Prius is a Top Pick for Efficiency and Reliability

Interested in driving a hybrid car? Wondering if you should join the community of Prius drivers? Take our advice: go for it. The Toyota Prius is a favorite among consumers who value reliable, efficient vehicles.

In the video above, Consumer Reports reviews 2015’s ‘Top Picks’ for cars and trucks. The Toyota Prius wins in the ‘Green Car’ category, earning recognition for its spacious interior and reliability, too.

Toyota continues to make improvements that wow loyal drivers who have followed the Prius since it first emerged as the leader of the Hybrid movement.

The 2017 Toyota Prius upholds this reputation for innovation. Featuring a sleek exterior redesign, double-wishbone rear suspension, and a more rigid chassis, the new Prius is ready to win in new categories. It might be a contender for handling performance, most practical design, or plain good looks.

If you want to see for yourself how the new Prius drives after watching the video, pay us a visit at Street Toyota in Amarillo. Our staff can answer your questions and set up a test drive for you.

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