A Search for Meaningfulness

What is Meaningfulness? Is it the acquisition of things? Is it the Search for Meaningfulness that becomes the meaning of meaningfulness? Is an awareness of the pain, suffering, joy, sorrow and happiness, the knowing of meaningfulness? Is it the crucial regard for beliefs, values, morality, and cultural espoused epithets, leading to self-arousal and the arousal of the masses, to one’s call?

Where is the search for meaningfulness to be found? Is it found and if it is found, may appear; or occurs in most instances, as a result of mental, physical and or spiritual crisis offset by chronic, acute and or terminal illness.

Is it the inevitable ending in a loss of the self, or some parts of the soul, and spirit to the original crisis? Information encoded in our energetic soul DNA, spiritual DNA, and RNA, transmits across millions of energy pathways, and information runs albeit along a line of nerves endings.

Is it dispelling myths, of apportioned situational pain, when it has become the way of life. How does the mindfulness of meaning initiate healing where a need to achieve and work in the system as we know it.

Is there a need to redefine the rationale, and the pathways of the 21st century energy workers, who find their pathways of destiny, as a result of surviving the onslaught of their walk, and finally becoming aligned with the flow of the language of light? The energies are the pathways of energetic bodies within each human grid, traveling accurately and consistently, carrying out the messages being fed to it energetically.

In the Search for Meaningfulness, the whole self, becomes and acts, according to the information received in the search. Our activities are the direct result of the open and closing. Can we say that the whole body is the brain, experiencing cognitively, the information delivered, communicating , the past pain and pleasure, in the present time, initiating new circuitry to reinforce the loss of parts of the self, and therefore; fragmentation becomes a way of life.

Unwittingly living pieces of a dream, caught in a perpetual energetic network of oppressive information, psychically and physical pain, as a measure of one’s accurate account, of being fully present, at least in one’s own head and heart. In life situations where the above isn’t the best or worst case scenarios, it is the [Search for Meaningfulness], leading and directing the soul, to align with the spirit, directing the intention, to Will the Consciousness into an effective or effective act(s) for the survival of the individual, family, group, tribe, clan, community, territory and nation.

The Search for Meaningfulness is a journey held to be critical to the overall well-being of the person. Often the person(s) journey begins with a need to break free of addictive behaviors, defeated attitude, lack of self-love, self-loathing, and failure, financial bankruptcy. While we are here, let’s examime spiritual bankruptcy, where emptiness is pervasive, even after the earnings of millions, is this the point of social philanthrophy.

Does the philanthropy erase the attitude of hopelessness, helplessness, indecisiveness, or living on borrowed time. Each of Us knows when they have found Our personal Search for Meaningfullness and when it is found, an honest, open truthful peace comes over us.

At that point Thinking, Feeling, Doing and Creating and living the life story to reinforce the condition(s) currently being experienced is meaningful in and of itself. Moving Towards The Shift Coming Up Next. Until Next Time: Part II: A Search for Meaningfulness Continues.

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