A Search for Meaningfulness in a VReality Based Society.

Part II: A Search for Meaningfulness can be seen as introspection in a VReality simulation where reality is a predefined model program with conjecture of possibilities. Can a VReality experience be as simple as focusing on the “The things worth being, instead of the things worth having.” That is not to say the things worth having, aren’t significant and a mental model of poverty, adversity and deprecation of the true self is the way, to search the path of becoming.

A fine balance is called for; the two are inseparable, as are air, wood, fire, metal, water, and earth. Traaditional VReality constructs to at least one civilization, that has influeunced and still influences social systems globally. Are we now in a world where VReality is guiding our behavior socially?

Things worth having, further the nature of the true walk, in Search of the Path, because the two are not separate and exclusive. In an empirical sense the two are mutually inclusive. The human technological machinations of the Matrix, or the MIOT social human android virtual systems; are a reality at this time in history, and the MIOT will never return civilization backwards.

Can we move backwards in time with Newtonian consciousness as a framework for mental model shifiting and or individual time travel without VR? The conjecture that it appears to be possible within the context and contextural constructs of VRealities based in Quantum Adiabactic Computing Systems, is moving VCs to invest billions in the Virtual Reality arena, and bares watching for results of virtual products and services to enhance our lives and close the current barriers, needs and gaps in the IOT techno-service economies.

Some are seeking to bring forth and assail, that the possibilities; are always present theorectically, and smart start ups are moving closer to a VR model interactive interface programmed with ramdom association creating neural adiabactic simualtions of past, present and future travels in time.

In a world of VR being deployed as a standard model; social change must be integrated systematically, to eliminate the paranoid theory that VReality will transform and destroy the way of life as we know it today.

There is growing evidence which supports a growing intergration of VReality into main stream societies, that is sustaining model. The current VReality model is useful and will transform and become inherently ingtegrated in each one of our lives, regardless; of where you are in the MIOT.

The change in the program only happens, when the individual makes a clear move to switch the channels, and becomes a part of another program. The MIOT machine consciousness; without emotional intelligence balance at the breath, depth and realtime applications pushes, a mental model, that drives us to have the right car, house, relationships, etc., for some meaning moving from pillar to post. The MIOT fragmened is not knowing the language of light which will allow us to trnasform into denseness, to become a hollow bone for social entreprenurial transformation.

Maybe this is where VReality and social realities will meet to live the conditions of people who are living in the past, in the present, unwittingly without an awareness of the VReality shifts. Maybe A Search for Meaninfulness will bring integration of the heads and hearts with VReality technologies guiding the pathwayas of socialtechnological destinies.

The job is to not get caught up in the progress or process and remain complacent, leading to stagnant life energy. The things worth having are for the benefit to self and humanity, however; the true self expresses the nature of them both. A Search for Meaningfulness begins the true efforts of a person to be in touch at the surface level, without “a knowing” things aren’t right for me the way they are.

The Search for Meaningfulness can be expressed as the head and the heart seeking to be one, with the energies, in order to allow the balanced flow of energies in the mind-body energy grid for optimal maximal peace and coexistence with all relations, and or the avenue to succeed in the future as a product of energetic reconstruction of one’s meaning in life.

“ This is the first step in the shift, requiring at least an acceptance, of what we know we don’t know can’t be applied to what we need to know, and definitely what we do know is suspect.”

Therefore it is time to critically depart and reconstruct the flow of our mental model constructs with an acceptance of VReality, as a way of life in the 21st century MIOT, and redefining of humanity’s move towards a deeper search for meaningfulness. VReality is being integrated as a product in a 3D world tp help transform and mitigate positive new socio-ecinomic and enviornmental realities. Only time will tell if we know what to do, with the meaningfulness of VReality, and release that which no longer serves our highest good, to live in our highest purpose. The data is still out on this one. Until Next Time. Part III. A Search for Meaningfulness. The First Shift

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