Gregory David Bailey, PhD / ABDs. Growth Hack To POTUS: Meeting The Request of the POTUS for Insights on Global Terrorism From the American People.

Part 1: A Brief White Paper: A Hypothetical Possibility of the Future Usage of Knowledge Management, IoT- Expert Systems To Address Global Terrorism.

KM HACK I: A Fresh Perspective for the 21st Century. The “DARK SIDE” of Leadership and Leadership Development, in the 21st Century, Knowledge Creative Class Economy:. A Theoretical Examination of Global Terrorist Organizations. Dr. Waino W. Suojanen, friend and mentor, was ahead of the curve, and he did see around the corner.

Suojanen (1983, pg. xiv) stated “ In the immediate future, re industrialization or industrial revitalization will call for visceral brain behavior, crisis oriented behavior to solve such problems as inflation, he energy crisis, the deterioration of the work ethic, and the increases in crime and terrorism.”

As the senior disciple of Dr. Waino W. Suojanen, it would be unfair for me not to hack briefly about the above. I must say unabashedly for the last 35 years one my most depth research areas, has been focused on the study of the irrationality of organizational leaders, and the organizations they lead. What drives their behaviors? Is it their beliefs or biology, or a mixture of both? It appears that it is certainly a mixture of both.

I must say without malice or ill content that when I proposed an in-depth dissertation, in 2011, to one of my senior doctoral advisers; addressing the issues of completing my PhD in the areas in the study of global terrorists leaders and why they exists to lead such organizations, the response was

[there is no way you can do a dissertation of this nature; there are those who believe in the fight of the terrorist, and those who don’t, and the nature and method of the research would be too difficult, and not publishable.

The organizational infrastructure of the government and the terrorist cells are too embedded to gather the much needed research, and the literature want support the hypothesis. Interviewing would be too difficult, and the national security protocols are a problem for the study.]

As a result of their academic opinions couched in academic homeostasis, this brief is being publicly published to address what is now becoming an hetero-static social reality. It is an appeal to those on the front line and in the suites, hoping to lend insights from an academic novice without the final stamp, without malice, resentments, and or blaming, denying, rationalizing.

The problem is here and in our faces globally, and the terrorists are doing customer discovery 24/7x365 days a year, lean cell start-ups, pivoting, and redirecting their hypothesis, and finding pain points.

“In no uncertain terms they were wrong, and that is ok.” I have come to understand that there are those who operate in crisis, routine and knowledge oriented mindsets. The deal with me here is that the process, outcomes and impacts, of the terrorists’ cell development is a result of no limitation in disruptive activities, and disruptive thinking, creating, feeling and doing. The evidence has always been there, and will always be there, and will continue to grow, practically and theoretically, as the BEST and brightest minds are drawn to the “Dark Side.”

The principle illusion of vetting the terrorists via warfare is based on a Newtonian Approach of social economic isolationism, and costs per unit valuation of products, goods and services to combat the jihadists or home grown terrorists activities. The problem with this model is it is costly and limited, because it is tied to ROI, for the intervening parties,and viewed as a supply side economic theory model.

On the other hand a quantum economic model based in triangulated valuations, (i.e. the heads and the hearts of the people must be in alignment with the themes of the intervening parties, a long term systemic approach to sustainability at every economic level within the countries being liberated, by the people themselves.

Finally the economic mental models to transform swords into plowshares, must have bi-partisan agreements made on both sides of the isles.

Standing firmly on the beliefs and values that life is valuable and principles must be placed before personalities. The bureaucratic turf syndrome is the enemy to bi-lateral and partisan support in the UN and the Hill, and therefore; the parties waging internal and external opposition, against the USA; gains supporters because the organizational silos, opens the global economic wormholes.

Let it be known that the core of terrorism at a minimum is twofold: 1) a quantum theoretical approach- with the Lynch pining as the basis, with the process, outcomes, and impacts.

The proposed illusion of victory via civil unrest and strife leading to a protracted invisible war of nerves, shock, mayhem, and meticulous virtual and non-virtual, brick and mortar plays.

Integrative knowledge mapping of soft and hard targets, anywhere, anytime and anyplace, by anyone, for familiars and converts adhering to the addicted nature, and nurture of illusionary, religious constructs of ISIS brings in new creative knowledge.

In essence the primal mistake and miscalculations in the strategic methodologies, by traditional bureaucratic policies and procedures strategist; the methods to adequately address the situational scenarios; are defined for a Newtonian world model.

2) Flattened decentralized organizational infrastructures, with individualize strike teams, sleeper cells, and cells operating interdependently, much based on an organizational neural networked matrix, utilizing internal growth hacking, micro-macro data analytics, weighing proactively, social matrices across diverse platforms integration.

Utilizing social advertising neural networks, and projecting soft and hard strikes utilizing quantum adiabatic computing algorithms, across the Internet of Everything- IOE, 00,11,22, 33, 44, etc. You get the picture here, in the basic quantum computing marketing models.

The structural core based on this model can only be hacked when the defined alternative utilized predictive analytics, right brain integration and what is known as abduction logic models, integrated into quantum computing models, virtually across a series of natural and artificial intelligence landscapes.

The current scenario within All terrorist networks are people to people sharing tacit-explicit and explicit to tacit data, information and knowledge, combined with wisdom, from Jihadists who to old, to tired, and have come to a HALT.

They are Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired; however, KMT- KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT TERRORIST uploads the proposed pathetic wisdom of religious ideologies, and creates the avenues for indoctrination of new and want to be converts. The [MATB] “ Management and The Brain”have significant bearings in understanding the biohavioral sciences of the 21st century.

Suojanen (1983 ), [MATB] integrated the major leadership and management theories, from Mary Parker Follet, Rensis Likert to Peter F. Drucker, Michael Maccoby, John Gardner, noted brain researcher Joseph Ladoux, Michael Gazzaniga, Candice Pert, Paul Mclean, Penrose, and others.

What we see today in the global terrorist marketplace today is the formation of leadership practices and models based on tried and tested urban and rural battlefield methodologies. The war can’t be won with guns and bullets.

It must be carried out with the shift of the mental models being held by each and every one of us, existing on the planet, period. The mental model of the human species must be transformed where the visceral brain is in check by the intellect, and the rational mental model constructs are redirected to the higher orders of living, can the social, political and economic shift happen.

Suojanen final theoretical hypothesis, writings and quest to free leadership practitioners, and academician from being imprisoned in the either biology, and behavior school only model has been played out, and a biohavioral approach is coming into play. The theories proposed are playing out before our very eyes.

It reminds me of Quantum Field Theoretical realities at the micro levels and Newtonian sciences at the macro levels of knowledge.; when data, information and knowledge is quantified it is viewed as being useful, moving from tacit and explicit, back to explicit and tacit.

The data and information as viewed by the decision makers, who make decisions are almost always intuitively quantum, with respect to nature and nurture. Again only time will tell whether as most conjectures , if it holds water or not.

Keep coming back there is more to be revealed as the global drama unfolds, in real time beyond the traditional theoretical frameworks being currently modeled, for The Post Capitalist Society , knowledge economy, as defined by Peter Drucker.

I truly believe and I am naive enough that the world’s people will end the onslaught of injustice being carried out by a bunch of renegades.

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