Span of Control and Situational Leadership

A direct span of control is tied into the leader’s style and emulation of the “great knowers,” and everyone else ascribes to the style. Doyle (2001) article; typified four areas of this style based in (Wright 1996: 36–7) definition. Concern for tasks, Concern for people, Directive leadership and Participative.” Please note the models are still top-down and outwardly directed models from the individual to the group. Suojanen (1983) my mentor and world renowned organizational brain theorist, once said to me, Suojanen (1983) informal conversations “to know and apply the contingency model, in real time, ‘you only need to know fully and understand it completely;’ that survival is situation understanding.” In a real time Suojanen (1983) crisis –oriented situation, as stated to me by Suojanen, he furthers elaborated on the contingency model, as being simple in war time; as well as in civilian peace time crisis. “There’s only the quick and the dead, and those who are quick will not be dead, and those who are dead were not quick.” This is a real time situational leadership “actionable knowledge” to grasp. In essence the leader; they understand the situation scenario, and can act accordingly and appropriately. The statement may appear to be heavy; however, the scenarios of situational leadership today very much fits the shifting world of unpredictability, where we all live. Ask any officer on the beat or fire fighter, combat leader, combat veterans about leadership as an important element in war time survival. Jones et al., (2012) respondents to a survey reported good leadership, unit cohesion, morale, limited the impacts of mental health and PTSD in combat, and the results of combat exposure. In order to understand the dynamics of leadership and its development, as an art and science, an exploration of leadership and leadership development classical theories is necessary.

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