Black men control no resources, power or influence to perpetrate any form of sexism (rappers are…
Brian Thornton


You’re conflating me with someone else you possibly don’t know. I actually wrote a news story about McKinney & referred to it as white supremacy; you aren’t telling me anything I don’t know, but I do appreciate you bearing witness to the reality of white supremacy.

I also appreciate the many black women who bear witness to the sexism & oppression they face. You say black men aren’t capable of oppressing black women; are you denying the accounts of the women responding to the original story? How are you qualified to simply say “they are wrong in their perception of their own personal experiences”? Do you have proof that they are wrong?

Regardless, as you point out in your latest comment, rape is accepted in our society & it is culturally acceptable, depending on the identity of the rapist. That is what the term rape culture refers to. You dismissed rape culture as something nonexistent in your original comment, which was the main reason I responded to.

Now that you’ve acknowledged that it is real, I will leave you in peace.