I know it seems like you just did some major debunking, but all you’ve really done is confuse the…

How does it ‘forsake or compromise the truth’ to say that Muslims & Jewish people believe in the same God as Christians, but disagree on the specifics?

Neither Muslim nor Jewish people believe in the divinity of Christ nor the trinity. Accepting that they disagree with us, as Christians, does not mean that we don’t believe in Jesus. It just means we acknowledge that someone else does not.

It seems very odd to me that so many people would like to contradict over a thousand years of serious theological scholarship without providing any argument. Am I to believe from your words that St Augustine, the Pope, Miroslav Wolf, and many, many other great theologians were denying the divinity of Jesus?

A broad consensus of Christian theologians — among them Saints — acknowledged that the God of Abraham is the same God that members of all three faiths *attempt* to worship properly. That doesn’t mean you agree with them, or think they are ‘saved’; it just means you acknowledge that they are working off of the same historical events & beliefs (Moses, Abraham, etc).

When you deny that the God of Abraham is the one, true, God (represented in the trinity in our faith), you are treading dangerously close to the heresy of Marcion; he was cast out of the early church for espousing the same idea you’re espousing now. I don’t know; I avoid heresy.

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