Anyone can take any language / ecosystem and shit all over it.
Dmitri Farkov

I think you vastly underestimate what ‘fixing’ the problem would entail, though.

The effort to write this was probably 1/1000000th the effort of fixing the issue; the issue isn’t ‘bad code’ or ‘bloat’ in a file, it’s an entire ecosystem & way of thinking that permeates coding and development.

Writing more code — or even fine-tuning the code — of a project won’t fix the issue. The issue is that someone cooks up a brand new framework every week, and that the frameworks are designed not to do something but to provide a framework for other people to write plugins to do something on them.

Before anyone writes those plugins, though, another new framework comes out, and devs rush to adopt it.

Code isn’t going to fix that; it’s going to take a massive change in how people look at development and how they look at code. An article like this is one of many steps to do that.