I’m not going to throw the baby out with the bath water.
Jay Maynard

Jay, there are two sets of sweeping generalizations here which are unsupported. First let’s take on your issues with Lemay.

Why do you claim Lemay is trying to take away Doom? From an interview:

“We need to make games that are cultural, that are just plain fun, that challenge our perception of things, that let us be superheroes or race car drivers (or space marines/fantasy heroes!)”

Space marines! I wonder what she’s referring to there? “just plain fun” — doesn’t sound like a cultural indoctrination program if you ask me. I’ve read the same comment from folks at Kotaku in Action.

Here’s a story on “I Need Diverse Games” (where you’ll find her often!) that defends Doom against evangelical crusaders: https://ineeddiversegames.org/2017/05/30/finding-religion-in-the-mass-effects-companions-elijah-beahm/

I don’t think you can actually back up your claim that Lemay, who calls for more games including “just plain fun ones” is trying to take away Doom.

Let us pretend that I’m wrong and she HATES Doom. What actual work is she doing to get rid of it? Is she succeeding? How would she force multi-national corporations to stop making Doom if it makes money??? This is not a valid argument.

Second issue: Government overreach.

Where? How? What laws have been enacted that are ‘too far’? What social justice laws are preventing you from doing what you want to do? Can you name a single — just one — literally one specific law that supports your claim that the government is running amok on social justice? I can’t think of a single instance that supports the claim, so I’m a little confused by this argument.

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