Lemay’s not about videogame players, but videogame makers.
Jay Maynard

Social justice is a phrase that originated with Jesuit priests and argued for moral justice regardless of economic philosophies (capitalism vs socialism).

It was the major principle behind an 8 hour work day.

I think you’re throwing out a lot of good with a distorted cultural view. What do you think you’re really preserving?

Do Republicans oppose Martin Luther King, a champion for social justice? Should we go back to bus segregation? Should we eliminate the 8 hour work day and go back to sweatshops?

I don’t think you can make a substantial argument that supports your view that social justice is a purely leftist phenomenon. I would defend the Republican party against your view, which does not describe the views of the Republicans I know.

I do not know a single Republican who wants to re-segregate buses or eliminate the social justice gains of the 1960s. Why do you insist that only the left believes in social justice?

Are you really arguing that Ann Lemay’s role at Bioware makes games bad? Can’t some games portray more healthy, egalitarian relationships between men and women? That doesn’t mean you can’t play Doom anymore. It’s still out there man!

If I’m biased, it’s in my belief that the world can be a better place for everyone. I fear that your bias is that you see the world as a tiny cookie, and you think that anyone else’s victory means you eat less of that cookie. It’s a sad and limited view, Tron Guy, and I hope you can get to a less jealous, reactive, place.

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