If you don’t believe (or refuse to acknowledge) that the youth of the world, particularly America…

The kids are alright, Mr. Tavi.

They don’t need to know what Sallie Mae is; since the program was created, there have been over 600 million college students. Of that number, only 30-some million used Sallie Mae.

Are you seriously suggesting that 10 million kids who don’t need Sallie Mae should know what it is? Why is that a measure of anything useful?

I bet I know 200 facts that you don’t know, but I’m not going to write a Medium comment asserting that you are dangerously unintelligent. Rather, I will understand that you and I have different lives and priorities, and that you probably know many things I do not know.

I read your comment — about what young people do or don’t know — and your conclusion makes no sense to me. I’m forced to imagine what you’re really concerned about, and I can find no better answer than ‘the sense of an ending’.

We all tread into that territory someday, and there is no shame in it, but I imagine there is joy in realizing why we feel so verklempt. Take this coment as an olive branch.

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