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“For the Greeks the challenge had, for the most part, to be public. One can win no honor in seclusion. One cannot test oneself against nothing. The Greeks knew humans are great self-deceivers and not to be trusted in self-evaluation. If you think yourself a great boxer, then box. If you feel yourself a great poet, then recite your poetry and be judged. To falter in the face of the public, to lose one’s nerve, or flinch from conflict, this was to lose honor. One could lose honorable, but the failure to strive honestly and with one’s complete capacity would bring condemnation. Even, as Homer recounts, fleeing before an overmastering foe is not shameful. It is not taking the field at all that defines true failure. To be in the ring is to be alive — to risk nothing in the public realm is to be little more than a ghost in the world.” Wes Cecil

Wes Cecil makes the Art of Philosophy easily accessible and relevant to the current world by fusing humour, storytelling (history) and demonstrating the core ideas of philosophers in his free lectures online on YouTube and Soundcloud.

“These lectures were born from an initiative at Peninsula College to involve the community more with the college. My then boss Deb Johnson asked if I could think of something and I suggested a philosophy lecture series. Originally, we hoped to have about 20 people per lecture. When over 100 people showed up for the first lecture we decided the community was interested. I originally recorded the lectures so that I could listen to them and improve my delivery. Eventually, people who missed a lecture in the series asked if they could have copies. The easiest way to make them available turned out to be Youtube. So just over four years ago, I uploaded my first set of lectures. Somehow, through the magic of the internet, people began finding and promoting my lectures in various ways. Today, they have been viewed more than 1.5 million times and I now have over 15,000 subscribers. It really has been a strange and amazing process.”

Wes Cecil’s Lecture in the Series on Forgotten Thinkers

Originally published at marieagar.com on April 29, 2017.

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