How To Maximize your profit with ABCC exchange

Disclaimer: This article is intended as the promotional product for ABCC promotional campaign. This is not a financial advise neither I am not a proffesional advisor. I am not responsible for any loss, financial risk associated with ABCC exchange.

Hi guys,

ABCC exchange is a quite new exchange in cryptocurrency space back to last 3 months. However, It is now becoming more and more poplular for every cryptocurrency enthusiast. Passive Income (Upto 0.76% daily), Trade-To-Mine mechanism and Top 15 Current Exchanges would be the top 3 reasons why you should thinking about ABCC as your next move comparing to the others.

I/ Top 15 Highest Volume Exchange

As many of you already know, the 24 trading volume is one of the vital factors which determined the success or failure of an exchange. Doesn’t say it is the indispensable criteria while we talk about exchanges. A reason behind the volume factor could understand if we take this “ simple rule” into account: “The more trading volume an exchange has, the higher degree of trustworthy and liquidity an exchange is”:

At the moment I am writing this article, ABCC exchange has been among 15th top exchange based on 24-hour trading volume ( The total volume has been recorded approximately 178 mil$. It is a massive impression if you compare to the other’s volume such as kucoin,, etc.

II/ Trade-To-mine mechanism

“Trading is a new mining” is becoming a popular trend in cryptocurrency. There are only a few exchanges already applied the mining mechanism on their platform, for example, Coinex, Coinsuper, Bitforex, bgogo etc.

ABCC is also among the top exchanges supporting mining mechanism to trader. If you’re a trader, this will mean a ton of benefits to you.

Here are some statistics I’ve got from trading on ABCC exchange, you may want to have a look:

III/ AT Holding Incentives

Passive income is the most favorite thing I like about the ABCC exchange. As Warren Buffet said:

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die

Well, the truth is always sad, but it’s true. At least you could consider yourself lucky while you are reading this article! And now, I am presenting to you the way to make your money grow while you’re still sleeping.

ABCC is bringing the best mechanism to AT holder while they would share 80% profit of trading fee to all AT Holder.

Eligibility: To be qualified as an AT holder, you have to have these following criteria:

  1. Joining ABCC Exchange at
  2. hold at least 100 AT token.
  3. The reward will be sent afterward 7 days since the first day of holding

Reward Calculation

The one’s daily reward will be calculated as the following formula:

One’s rewards = rewards pool for all circulating AT * (one’s minimum AT balance within the past 7 days / the sum of minimum AT holdings across all users and the platform in the past 7 days)

I have made an example, in my case, for you to understand the mechanism. I will interpret the data below.

I have tested the mechanism by starting with:

  1. 113.3 AT token (worth ~90$) at 09/09/2018, and the following lowest AT balance = 113.3 AT (if you are trading, you lowest balance could be varied from your truly holding balance)
  2. 160.4 AT token (worth ~120$) at 10/08/2018, and the following lowest AT balance = 160.4 AT

After 7 days, which is starting from 16/09/2018, my reward has been received at the following:

For the batch 20180916, total reward = 0.6654 usdt, which is equivalent to 0.73%

For the batch 20180917, total reward = 0.8298 usdt, which is equivalent to 0.69%

For the batch 20180918, total reward= 0.7053 usdt, which is equivalent to 0.58%

The average daily interest ~ 0.66%/day (~19,99%/month)

You may think it’s not possible at first (well, at least I was thinking at that moment. This monthly interest could be compared as similar to a scam lending platform. However, the ABCC holding reward is full of transparency, and validity. The total rebate is 80% of the profit from transaction fee. Therefore, the ABCC ecosystem still remains sustainable even distributing a high interest to the users.

Joining ABCC Exchange at