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Get useful information on Calgary homes for sale and why the resale housing market is all set to break the record for MLS sales.


Calgary Real Estate Board reports that that the statistics show a higher sales in the city that are up by 11.61 per cent. Surveying the Citadel Calgary homes for sale or the Bowness Calgary homes for sale, the resale housing market is all set to break the records. The sales and transactions are fast on the rise, and when one sees such record growth, it becomes interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes. After all, there are many factors that work behind a strong real estate market. The home buyer’s confidence, whether looking for a house for sale in Dalhousie Calgary or at a Kincora house for sale Calgary is influenced by many factors. Read on to learn more.

When studying the Bowness Calgary homes for sale, one can see how the low-interest rates, along with the strength in the oil and gas sector have played their role. The high migration into Calgary, plus the low vacancy lead into the development of several factors that are enough to make the Calgarians feel in a safe place and confident about the real estate market. The average MLS sale price is up 5.73 % when compared to a year ago. The median price is up by 3.58 % and there is a sharp rise in the new listings by 14 %. The active listings too have shown a significant rise. Whether one is looking at Montgomery Calgary homes for sale or Tuscany Calgary homes for sale, there is renewed confidence in the buyers, as well, as sellers.

There has been a dramatic population growth in 2013, and the impacts are being felt in the real estate market. According to studies, it takes about 18 months for the real estate sales market to get impacted by any population growth. The continued influx of new residents coupled with the low vacancy, thee scenario has been pushed to a much shorter timeline. Calgary real estate is witnessing some of the busiest months. There is a growth in population and jobs. The peak season is everlasting and the real estate professionals are adjusting their businesses accordingly.Mckenzie Towne Calgary homes for sale are experiencing a boom.

The prices and sales figures are being boosted, and the numbers are fast surpassing every previous ones. After a period of sales declines, the single-family market is poised to achieve a proper level. The sales transactions are up by 2% from a year ago, plus, the average sale price has increased by 10 %. Citadel Calgary homes for sale have recorded year-over-year gain in MLS sales and consecutive annual price hikes. Contact an expert mortgage broker and expert if browsing Citadel Calgary homes for sale or house for sale in Dalhousie Calgary.

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