7 Success Tips From Self-Made Billionaires That Will Immediately Improve Your Life
Elle Kaplan

Excellent. Of course, we can benefit from all 7, but 3 ring a bell — with a twist:

  1. Investing in ourselves. What is the most fundamental skill in life?

How we think. Emotional Resilience. Mindfulness & Meditation are often quoted by these same 7 winners in life.

I use biofeedback technology (Alive) to be my braintraincoach(.com) to assist me in this practice.

  1. Everything in its place. You don’t have to be blind to benefit from this perspective. Yes. I ‘stink’ at organization in my sole entrepreneur business.

I used to work as bartender. The volume I could handle, the efficiency I possessed was BASED upon every single bottle and thing always going back in its exact place such that I did not have to look to grab the right 3 bottles at any given split-second of action. This is what I will do in my business. GREAT way to think about it. I waste so much time finding things.

EVERNOTE? Many efficient superstars in the world of writing, influencing, and all facets of business use this: I will do so, too, now.

  1. Purpose.

As someone who sleeps poorly and suffers from mild to worse depressive states based on poor sleep, having that burning higher purpose does make life easier to jumpstart each morning. Whether physically or emotionally drained, if I need to take care of my ill father or a tempestuous child, it is all energy on go.

How do we apply this to how we view life, how we live each day, how we energize ourselves? Purposeful ingraining of our underlying mission and meaning we see in ourselves in life.

How will you use a few minutes per day to find and reinforce your purpose? This is a challenge for me/us.

Elle, great 7 points.

I’ll take these 3 and run. Even if only 1 is improved, it’s a great day; when I get these 3 back into the mental clock of each day, well — watch out. I’ll be part of creating more, bigger solutions instead of one of the masses in line waiting for the energy to move to the line of higher ‘frequency’.

Thank you.

Clay Ryan