Memory athlete Simon Reinhard on the “almost magic” of the brain

I find it interesting and compelling that Simon discounted the familiar place, location technique. I always had a great memory (did, age, practice?…) and found this body/room technique odd. However, with the greatest memory expert in the world definitively stating that he uses this technique? Well, it is now a must for all of us to use — body and home. I shall start applying it today in a new way.

Has anyone used this memory technique to remind, infuse, inculcate life principles and thought habits, say: left arm = live with gratitude; right arm = take breaks to recharge; nose = what is my greatest purpose; etc.. such that we have a built-in life principle reminder?

Wouldn’t such a body based reminder and daily few minutes of practice set a fundamental decision protocol in our mind that would be automatically tuned to the best of behaviors, aligned with our beliefs or best of intentions?

Comments anyone? Thanks!

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