How writing on Medium landed me at Medium

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A couple months ago I wrote to my friends, “Hey I’m just moving on from littleBits, can you introduce me to somebody?”

The first thing Harper said is “Great. You should write a Medium piece” as if it were a self-evident first step in a major life change. Now, I can write separately about how awesome Harper is and some really cool people he did introduce me to, but the point here is the simple suggestion to externalize and publish my thoughts about where I’m at right now, paired with the value of Medium as a platform to find “not the maximum audience for a piece of writing, but the perfect audience.”1

So I wrote about leaving a company where I had played an important early role and remained passionately engaged for over 3 years, jumping without a clear place to jump to, calling it Check your Parachute on the way down. It was a move to publicly embrace the inherent instability and riskyness of life, trusting that it would all work out.

My post did reach the perfect audience, although it was not at all what I had intended; a few days later I got a ping from the folks at Medium itself!

What followed was a series of conversations which ended up with me signing on to lead and expand engineering at Medium’s NYC office! After speaking with Jeff and then Dan on the phone, I met Nick and Andrew here at the NYC office, then Kelly, Ikai, Madeline and Gianni. I flew out west to meet Ev and other core Product & Engineering folks. All were equally sharp, thoughtful and engaged, interested in making great products that are reflections of the great people that make them, and empower people of all persuasions to elevate writing and the exchange of ideas on the internet.

The goal now is to expand the engineering team in NYC. As Medium is expanding into the new territory of professional publisher services, it is clearly a good idea to have more presence in the city that never sleeps, that creates the most cultural content on earth!

Look forward to more news here, I’ll be writing on my new home platform…

Colin Vernon
Engineering Principal @Medium NYC

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