#04: So, why the two year Strexit?

The countdown begins [image credit: Dafne Cholet on Flickr]

When my father asked me recently when I would leave my wife and come out of the closet, my immediate reaction was to think: two years. I should point out at this juncture that this wasn’t some arbitrary figure aligned with Brexit, but a timeline I had semi-committed to already, without actually giving it a great deal of thought.

Like all new parents, my wife and I decided to raise our child differently to the ways of our parents. Both of our fathers were distant, so I would be closely involved; family mealtimes had been erratic, so ours would be constant; our childhood homes had been fraught with infidelity, so ours would be committed and stable; where our parents had swept issues under the carpet, we would be open and deal with issues quickly; finally, my wife’s family had moved a number of times during her teenage years, so we would put down roots and remain in one home for our daughter’s compulsory education, up to the age of eighteen.

These were hard and fast rules to live by: we stuck to them and they have served us well. At least partly as a result, our daughter is awesome! She is bright, funny, caring, motivated and remarkably well-adjusted. No doubt one day she will point out the many flaws in this plan and decide to raise her own children differently. Such is the circle of life!

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