The Big Bang (part 2)

image credit Benjamin Rethore on Flickr

Saturday morning.

We went out for dinner with friends last night, where I spent the whole evening nervous about the conversation we would have when we got home. And then the daughter threw us a curve-ball and announced that she wasn’t staying over at her friend’s as planned, and could we pick her up on our way home, at nearly midnight?

She went to bed fairly soon after getting home, but I could tell from the creaking floorboards, she didn’t settle until gone one in the morning, by which time my wife was starting to doze off on the sofa.

I know I can’t risk having this conversation with my daughter in the house — I have no idea if there will be shouting and screaming, but my wife needs to be able to let loose without our daughter wandering down to see if everything’s alright. Hopefully, after the initial discussion (which may take five minutes or could rage for hours), we will be able to agree a strategy for where, when and how we tell our hormonal 17 year old with some sort of united front.

She’s definitely going out this evening for her best friend’s birthday dinner and sleepover, so tonight really will be the night!

No more delays, no more excuses, no more putting it off and waiting for the right moment.

I feel sick with nerves.

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