Strexm V2 has landed!

Nov 20, 2017 · 2 min read

It’s time to turn the page and start a new chapter. Just little over a month ago we released Strexm V2 over on — a platform dedicated to building the best tools for content creators and gamers alike. Strexm V2 introduced a lot of new functionality, including a powerful Editor, every widget you’d ever need, over 150 free overlays covering start, intermission and in-game scenes, and full support for Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Mixer. We’ve got it all!

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We’ve had a lot of great feedback and made many improvements since, and Wednesday 29th November officially marks the day we say goodbye to Strexm and continue great things over on To mark this special occasion we’re hosting a megabamza giveaway including a Razer Blade, Elgato Streamdeck, Razer Phone, Nintendo Switch and loads more! Just click here to check it out.

It goes without saying, we are eternally grateful for the support you have continually shown and we are both looking forward to seeing what this new platform grows into. If you have any questions or just want to chat, please join us on our Discord and we’ll be happy to write some words back to you.

All of our love,
Jon and Gareth x

I got Q’s

What will happen to my overlays?
All of your overlays on Strexm V1 will be lost. Sorry, there’s no avoiding this one, but the exact same overlays are all available over on Player Create and for free at that!

Where do my coins go?
We’re still working out what to do with your coins, but don’t worry, they’ll still exist! All of your coins will be transferred across to your profile for future use.

I didn’t export my tips, can I still get them?
Yes! Head to this page to export them.

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