82 Minutes Outside Trump Tower

Robert A Stribley
Feb 22, 2017 · 3 min read

These photos were all taken outside of Trump Tower on Sunday afternoon, where fans of Donald Trump paused for selfies and the occasional person also stopped by to express their displeasure with the President. A handful of protestors kept to the west side of 5th Avenue, where police continue to limit their presence.

This gentleman told me his sign represented Donald Trump’s cabinet, which he said is primarily white. The black dot, he said represents Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson. The yellow one, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao.

This lady had just come from the Today I Am a Muslim Too rally in Times Square.

This man below arrived and began speaking with the police outside Trump Tower.

At some point, he became increasingly animated and additional police surrounded him. Finally, he began gesticulating and swearing loudly before storming away.

The police immediately appeared to be completing paperwork related to the incident.

A few minutes later the man returned and began swearing loudly again before stalking away again.

Robert A Stribley

Written by

Writer and photographer with interests in immigration, privacy, security, culture and digital design. Day jobs in UX at SapientRazorfish and faculty at SVA.

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