Some Follow-Up Questions for Motel 6

Motel 6 owes some answers about why they turned customer information over to ICE

Statement released by Motel 6 via social media

Late last night Motel 6 releases this brief statement via social media, which they entitled a “Statement Regarding Recent Media Reports on Phoenix-area Location.” It came after reports that Motel 6 employees in Arizona were reporting hotel customers to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the department often referred to simply as “ICE.”

The above statement is incomplete at best and only begs some obvious additional questions. Specifically, Motel 6 should respond to the following:

  1. Have the employees engaging this policy on behalf of ICE been removed from their positions and/or fired?
  2. Have you informed those guests whose privacy was violated that their names and presumably other personal information were passed onto ICE?
  3. What compensation are you providing those paying customers, whose presumed privacy was violated, when you passed their names over to ICE without just cause?
  4. Are you aware of other hotel brands, which may have engaged in similar behavior and may be currently cooperating with ICE the same way?
  5. Do you repudiate this practice and the gross invasion of privacy it resulted in for your customers?

Until Motel 6 answers these questions in detail, not only does the rather anemic “statement” the company posted to Twitter and Facebook seem to disown any responsibility in the matter, but it also does little to distance the company from the practice, its discriminatory nature and its gross violations of customer privacy.

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