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This post is a bit rich because you open by presenting some cherry-picked data about the federal prison population, which is a topic addressed at length in this same article.

Note that none of the data you present undermines the central thesis of this piece, that illegal immigrants aren’t the violent criminals Trump, Tancredo and the Breitbart crowd paint them to be.

More importantly, however, the examples you use are a wonderful example of cherrypicking because you apparently present them in an attempt to paint the overall undocumented immigrant population as criminals. And this *very* article explains why applying the Federal prison population to the general immigrant or undocumented population (take your pick) is inappropriate.

More issues though: The first data point you present combines both immigration and drug offenses, and I saw it writing this article but didn’t use it precisely because it combines those figures instead of treating them distinctly. There’s also a neat inversion and statistical trick there with the 40% of terror investigations being illegal immigrants because the entire number isn’t provided. The primary issue I have with this, however, is the way you’re attempting to conflate the Federal prison population with the general undocumented immigrant population. You can read much more on the subject in the links I provided.

Additionally, a central point of this piece is to explain the difference between regular immigrants and undocumented immigrants and how it’s difficult to tease them apart, but attempts to do so still show low crime rates among undocumented immigrants. This is discussed *at length* in the article. Did you skip that part?

Otherwise, your argument seem to be reduced to “the left cherry picks,” too. Of course, I never said otherwise and that’s really just a change of topic.

The cost of housing incarcerated illegal immigration is a completely different topic, too. One which I’d be interested in addressing in the future. But it has nothing to do with the actual violent crime rate among undocumented immigrants, does it?

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