5 Traits That Make A Great Website

Your website is the most powerful marketing tool against competitors of any size. Having a powerful online presence is a necessity and your first impression to the world. Just likzeekee you wouldn’t hire someone who walks into an interview in sweatpants, you shouldn’t expect someone to hire or invest in your company with a bad website.

With the internet literally at our finger tips with smart phones and tablets, it is imperative to treat your website like every other aspect of your marketing plan. The following is a guideline for creating a great website.

1. Visually Stands Out

The quickest way to have users bounce from your website is a bad design. Your website should be aesthetically appealing, internally consistent and easy to use. Great visuals set you apart from your competition and increase the chance that users will remember your brand. It is important to create a great logo and color palette and choose effective fonts that create a lasting impression.

High quality images make your website more appealing and help establish an emotional connection with your users.

Having a well-designed website gives you credibility. Users are much more willing to trust you and your product if you have a appealing professional website.

2. Clear Navigation

Another reason that users bounce from your website is dysfunctional navigation. We are a society of instant gratification, and if a company can’t easily provide what we are looking for, we will move on to the next. A simple, organized navigation is important to not frustrate users and guide them to the information they are looking to access.

3. Speed

The download speed of your website is another aspect that affects the overall user experience. If images or videos take longer than three seconds to download, the chances of retaining a user decreases significantly. Users want information quickly and often don’t have time to wait.

4. Great Content

Well-crafted content keeps users engaged with your website. Your content should be easy to read, evolving and up-to-date. It is important to know your audience and understand what they are looking for to clearly relay your company’s message.

Great content will not convert if it is hard to read. If the font size is too small or the letters are too close together a user will stop reading. It is crucial to take into account the font you use and its size so your users are engaged and want to read your content.

Great content is concise and to the point. Users aren’t on your website to read a novel on your business, they are there to get the information they need and move on.

5. Responsive

With the increase in mobile traffic, Google recommends responsive design because it is more efficient to crawl and index your website. If a website isn’t mobile friendly, it will frustrate users and you will miss an opportunity to convert. By adjusting to a device’s screen, a cohesive user experience is created and users don’t spend time zooming in and out to navigate your website.

Originally posted for zeekee.com