9 Things Companies Should Stop Doing on Social Media

Social Media Marketing trends are always changing. While most are great to adapt, here are nine things you should leave behind.

1. #Abusing #Hashtags

Hashtags are great way to reach new fans, join conversations or create themes for campaigns; however over-using them can make you look spammy. Facebook and Pinterest have even started dinging you for using too many hashtags. Studies have shown that the ideal number of hashtags is two, using more decreases your chance of people clicking on your post. Facebook and Twitter are also automatically pulling in posts mentioning things you are searching for even if they don’t have a hashtag. Also, hashtags aren’t supported on LinkedIn.

2. Posting Just to Post

With Social Algorithms constantly changing and organic traffic continually decreasing, it is important that every post you push have valuable content that your audience wants to see. You should ditch the mindset that it’s “Monday at 10 am I need to post something” and think more about “what do my fans want to engage with.”

3. Auto-posting Facebook Posts to Twitter

While in theory auto-posting your Facebook updates to Twitter can save you time, this is not a good idea. Let’s say you post an image of an event poster that has all the information in the image. When it auto posts Twitter it shows up as “fb.com/dfiun” with no picture and people will most likely not click the link. Even if people click on your link, users will have to go back to Facebook and then click to the final destination.

Twitter only has 142 characters. If your Facebook post is more than 142 characters Twitter will cut off your message mid-thought. You should always craft the message specifically for Facebook and another message for Twitter.

4. Starting a Tweet with “@”

Starting a tweet with “@” is starting a conversation with someone. A couple of years ago Twitter decided to clean up your feed by changing its algorithm not to show Twitter conversation between people you don’t know. Therefore if you want mention someone in a tweet, add a period before mentioning them. If you leave off the period the message will only go to people that follow both you and whoever you mentioned

5. Asking People to Follow You Back

Companies are perceived as less creditable when they ask people to follow them. If you are putting out good content people will want to follow you. Also Facebook’s algorithm will actually punish you for actively asking people to like and follow you.

6. Automated Thank You Messages

While sending an automated “thank you” message may seem like you are being sincere, it often comes off as impersonal. A better way to thank a new follower is to look at their page and find something you have in common with and say “Hey Sarah thanks for the follow! Look forward to hearing your bird watching stories.”

7. Blanket Publishing Across all Networks

Scheduling out your posts is a great way to save business owners and marketers time, however you shouldn’t publish the exact same message for each platform. For example hashtags are great for Twitter, but not supported on LinkedIn. Whereas links on Facebook and LinkedIn automate a preview that can be optimized for better click through. By crafting a message for each social medium, you can guarantee that you get the best results from each audience.

8. Not Optimizing Content for Sharing

The end goal for any business is to have your information shared. If you direct your audience to your website, make sure they can easily hit a share button that auto fills in the title of the article. If a viewer has to search for a way to share your content, they most likely won’t share it. To get the best results make sure that your share button auto tag you as the author as well.

9. Keeping Your Social Media Accounts Private

If you are a company don’t keep people locked out. New users are much more willing to follow you if they can view your content freely before following. Plus just because a user doesn’t follow your brand doesn’t mean they won’t search and look at what you are posting.

originally posted on zeekee.com

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