Gravitron _ Review

It’s rare to get taken by surprise by a simple puzzle game, but Gravitron did just that for me.

Hm, a bit stuck here

It happened around level 3, and I’ll leave you to find out the trick for yourself.

The premise of the game is straightforward — guide your red tile to the portal in the middle of the board.

This is not a new format, of course. The frictionless floor — or in this case gravity-less room — box pushing game is a classic pattern. You might also have seen it with lasers and mirrors. The Gravitron version is not the best looking implementation either, but there are some neat touches. In amongst all the low-res icons, there’s a lovely light/shadow effect being cast from the central portal.

It gets difficult pretty quickly, and after around level 5 each level looks impossible until the “ah-ha” moment. I’ve been playing it all day, and the screen grab above is me stuck on level 10. I’ll get it in a moment, I’m sure. Or you can leave me a hint in the comments. Please!

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